Jetpack Bull in a China Shop – 2D arcade game

jpb-splashJetpack Bull in a China Shop is the 3rd game we released (second 2D one). The title kinda speaks for itself: you’re controlling a bull who works at the local china shop (despite the stereotype), but this bull has to work with a jetpack on his back to reach higher shelves. Customers come in, asking for a specific china which you have to locate, (gently) pick up and return it to the customer without knocking shelves off. It’s no easy task!
But if you’re in it for the smashing there’s “Smash” mode just for that.

Again, I’ve done all the graphics but this time we use the so called, cut-out style animation to move our characters on the screen and to give it a 2D look. Unfortunately all that happened before Unity3D has integrated that technique into the program, so I had to do the character building and rigging in other 3D softwares like Blender and Cinema 4D.

You can download the game on iOS and on Android as well!
You can also check out the trailer here.

Some game assets



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