Peter Donnelly – The Compositional Wizard

Peter Donnelly – The Compositional Wizard

August 21, 2014 | Illustration | No Comments

Peter Donnelly is an astounding illustrator, whose uniquely charming style will definitely put a smile on your face too.

There is a lot to like in his portfolio, it’s like looking at a well crafted children’s book. Every picture is a story. He uses as limited a colour palette as possible or necessary (for the story or the message). That, and the fact that he’s a compositional a wizard make his illustrations a real treat-fest for the eye. Everything has its place, everything looks so organised, yet so organic.

I especially love his character designs and the way he conveys depth without much overlapping or perspective.

It’s amazing, just look at it! LOOK!

Also, follow him on Behance, at once!

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