My very first BLOGpost!

August 14, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Hey world of blog readers, blog enthusiasts, bloggists and random strangers who stumbled across my humble attempt of entering the blog-verse!


I know I’ve said the word “blog” way too many times, and it sounds strange by now, but bear with me, because in this blog I will pay homage to all the excellent artists out there I admire. I’ve been collecting them in a bookmark folder for a while¬†and now it’s time to immortalise them in blogposts. In a way, this blog is a shrine to great art but in a less cheesy way I make it sound now:)

Be aware though, I may occasionally go off track and use this for shameless self-promotion or something less art related, like sandwiches. Though I think sandwichmaking is an artform!