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Flooby Nooby – The animation blog

September 16, 2014 | Animation | No Comments
Ron Doucet a.k.a. Flooby Nooby is a wonderful animation director responsible for the animation blog:


In this blog of his, he provides not only  new animation related videos each day, but extremely insightful studies and articles about cinematography, line of action, character design or anything interesting in the world of animation. I like how his finger is right on the pulse of the animation industry and I also like how the blog covers the entire industry from 2D and 3D animation, through stop motion and special FX to technical and theoretical stuff.

My favourite post is his study about the cinematography of The Incredibles. It’s an incredible read about how incredible The Incredibles actually is, beyond it’s obvious incredibility perceived as a viewer and about why it’s so incredibly incredible. It’s incredible.
Needless to say, I love The Incredibles, it’s one of my all time favourite animations, so to see all the purposefulness(hope that’s a word) that went into it through this gem of a blogpost is truly INCREDIBLE.

Flooby Nooby: The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 1

Flooby Nooby: The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 2

Flooby Nooby: The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 3

Plus it made me realise just how important composition is. It seems like every frame of that movie is a compositional masterpiece.

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