About Me

I taught myself the ins and outs of the creative industry through the best online courses, internships and by diving in the deep end: working as a freelancer. I was able to gain years of hands-on experience in the field of graphic design, illustration, game art and animation.

This diverse background allows me to approach a graphic problem more creatively which always leads to a better solution.

I’m best at capturing the essence of an idea in the simplest way possible, a skill that has served me and my clients well in all aspects of creative work from logo design, through UI, to character design.
As a bonus, I have a lot of fun creating new things and that always shows in my work!

Contact Me

Contact me if I can help you with 2D game art, animation and UX/UI!
I can also offer consultation in all of the above!

Send me an  email or look me up on twitter!