Ben Newman – The First

Ben Newman – The First

August 21, 2014 | Design, Illustration | No Comments

The first artist and all round good egg I’d like to feature is Ben Newman.

You better click the crap out of his website link, because it’s worthy of your eyeballs’ time!

He’s got a  mesmerising and very distinctively geometric approach to things which, combined with a bold use of colour, adds up to a rather pleasing style or aesthetic.

If this treat for your eyes wouldn’t be enough, he’s also doing a podcast for your ears with Jim Stoten (another very talented illustrator I might add) called Newten’s Porcelain Panther. A series of interviews with likeminded creative people, peppered with weird and wonderful songs.

But enough fancy talk, go check out his work!

SIDENOTE: Another reason he’s the first I’m featuring is because he is partly responsible for why I live where I live: the wonderful city of Bristol, UK

Before starting a new life/career in England, as part of my research on which city I should choose, I emailed a couple of UK based illustrator and designer types to see where’s best to start a career in the creative field.

Not only was he kind enough to reply, but his answer made my decision final. At the time he was living in Bristol, and said it’s a great place for illustrators and such. That, and me thinking “it’s probably not that cold down south” made me decide in favour of Bristol. He was right! (I was wrong.)

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